Red Wolves by Adam Hamdy

A daring escape from a Cairo prison.
An assassin who kills with a single touch.
A vicious drug war on the streets of America.
Suspecting these events are related, ex-MI6 officer Scott Pearce uncovers a chilling plot to unleash a terrifying new toxin on an unsuspecting world.
When Pearce’s team deploy to fight the menace on two fronts an undercover operation goes horribly wrong, leaving Pearce in a race against time to stop this deadly new threat.

Pearce has burned the espionage rulebook, but now he is about to find out he’s not the only one who can light a fire, and his enemies are determined to see the world burn. . .

Scott Pearce was kicked out of MI6 because of his obsession with the perpetrators of a terrorist attack, who have links to a Thai smuggling network. His dismissal came after thwarting a plan to subvert Pakistan’s Government, but, fearing a wider conspiracy, he’s still determined to catch those whom he thought had escaped justice, and has been on the trail of the conspirators ever since.

This time around, a deadly toxin, that can kill with a single touch, is being deliberately released into society, the implications of which, are absolutely terrifying on the global stage, and Pearce is determined to bring these evil conspirators to justice, who include among their number, a bunch of corrupt police officers. A follow up to the thrilling ‘Black 13’, this is completely gripping, with an all action hero in Pearce, and a breathtaking storyline.

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