‘I Have Always Been Me’ by Precious Brady-Davis

A powerful memoir of independence, releasing the past, and living the dream by award-winning trans advocate Precious Brady-Davis.

Precious Brady-Davis remembers the sense of being singular and grappling with “otherness.” Born into traumatic circumstances, Davis was brought up in the Omaha foster care system and the Pentecostal faith. As a biracial, gender-nonconforming kid, she felt displaced. Yet she realized by coming into her identity that she had a purpose all along.

In I Have Always Been Me, Brady-Davis reflects on a childhood of neglect, instability, and abandonment. She reveals her determination to dream through it and shares her profound journey as a trans woman now fully actualized, absolutely confident, and precious. She speaks to anyone who has ever tried to find their place in this world and imparts the wisdom that comes with surmounting odds and celebrating on the other side.

A memoir, a love story, and an outreach for the marginalized, Precious’s sojourn is a song of self-reliance and pride and an invitation to join in the chorus.

Precious Brady-Davis writes with wisdom beyond her years. What an honest, insightful, emotional revealing memoir! I was honored to experience her journey.

Tackling the taboos of being genderqueer in the Black community, Precious adroitly draws us into the life of a child growing up as a minority in an ultra Christian environment.

I especially appreciated the honesty of Precious’ conflicting feelings about her faith and her gender identity and her eventual resolution of the two.

For any young person struggling with a gender identity issue, this book will be an inspiration. A guiding light for those feeling trapped by circumstances as to just how far the belief in oneself can be liberating.

As well, anyone who desires to be an ally to children, teens, person’s of color and those facing gender identity issues, this book is a powerful way to walk a mile in their shoes. Absolutely a must read!

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